A True Story

       A few years ago, one of my Interface customers had me install a stereo in his daughter's Toyota.  Recently, he came in to ask me if I could pull the stereo out and install it in his car because her Toyota needed too much work and they'd decided to dump it and give her his car which lacked a CD player.  I readily agreed but asked about his plans for her old Toyota.    He told me a friend had offered him $150 for it and he guessed that he'd take it.  I suggested he give me a chance to sell it for him.  I opined that I might get $500-600 for it and he'd be that much better off.  He agreed and I set to work to photograph, describe and list if for sale.   


This is the Toyota
When the dust settled it Sold for $1725.00

                           A Bidding War

One of my long time Interface customers arrived at the store with a trunk full LP records he'd just inherited and wished to consign.  I explained that I only accept consignments of items worth at least $50  each as noted in the contract but looked through some of them to see if any might qualify.  Most looked pretty common and were worth only a dollar or two each but I did find a two record souvenir set by a band I'd never heard of that was signed by all the band members.  I suggested that someone might be interested in it and so he consigned it and I listed it with an opening bid of $24.99 as I do with items I estimate to be worth $50.  No one nearby seemed interested but two bidders in France got into a bidding war over the item and after 38 bids they'd run it up far beyond our expectations.  My consignor said he'd have sold the whole trunk full of records for less than this item brought!

                                  Sold for $222.50