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A Brief Bio

I've been involved in consumer electronics for nearly 50 years.  I started repairing radios and then TV sets in my early teens and ran my own TV repair business all through junior and senior high school.  After that I spent a few years serving Uncle Sam in the Navy and then resumed TV repair work.

  In 1965 I moved into industry, working first at KLH where I was senior technician in R&D and then in a cutting edge medical instrumentation company, both of which have since gone out of business. (through no fault of mine, I assure you.)    I left there to again run my own TV repair business, and then to open a stereo component business in 1973.  That business soon became Interface.   Nearly 9 years ago, I was doing a web search for Fiesta Ware for my wife and discovered a new business called eBay.   I got sucked right in and it soon became clear that I should be buying and selling things there, in addition to running my stereo business, which had by then become a stereo, home theatre and car stereo business.  

Word got out among my customers that I was selling a wide range of antiques, furniture, art pottery etc. on eBay, in addition to selling some of my oddities and trade-ins and they began to ask if I'd sell their stuff for them.  Since New Hampshire law requires anyone doing so to have an auctioneer's license, I jumped though the necessary hoops and got one.

     Now, when I'm not out taking photographs of nature, kayaking or spending time with my wife and dogs, I run my store and sell stuff for others on eBay.