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      I've created this site to briefly explain how I conduct auctions on consignor's behalf and why you might wish to avail yourself of my services.   You'll find common questions with answers, a general explanation of how different auctions work, an explanation of how I conduct auctions, my charges, why I urge you to consign ONLY to a state licensed auctioneer, and a copy of the contract each consignor must read and sign, and an addendum for high value items (over $1000.00) and motor vehicles.   If you still have questions after spending a little time here, please call or email me.

      I try to be as fair as possible, keep the legalese to a minimum, and to treat my customers and consignors as I would wish to be treated in similar circumstances.   I want you to be comfortable consigning items to me, realize a high return on the sale of your items, and recommend me to everyone you know (or at least some of them).

      At the same time I require that my consignors accurately and fully describe the items they consign so that bidders will not be disappointed and will get at least as good an item as they expect.   We'll all be happier with satisfied buyers.

      I don't normally conduct on-site auctions.   I obtained my license in response to requests by Interface customers to sell their belongings for them through eBay.   If you wish to discuss an on-site auction of personal belongings, commercial property, or to conduct a charity auction, please call me.

      Please read on and I after you understand what I can do for you, I hope you'll decide to have me turn some of your treasure into cash.   I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.